About us

Attorneys’ Partnership

Bakalov & Partners

A modern law firm

Bakalov & Partners is an attorneys’ partnership providing the highest quality legal advice, service and representation to its clients. The results we have achieved since the establishment of the entity in 2007 has made us one very stable and fast developing legal office having the ambition to respond its clients’ needs in the best and most effective way.

Bakalov & Partners practices effectively and most successfully in a great diversity of Civil Law areas, such as Company & Commercial Law, Contracts, Real Estates Law, IP Law, Taxation Law, Family and Inheritance Law, Labor Law etc.

Bakalov & Partners Attorneys’ Partnership is established as a small law office in 2007. Now it is supported by a team of experts in different fields related to the national legislation and its enforcement

High quality and precision

The list of clients comprises of both Bulgarian and Foreign entities. The broad spectrum of our clients’ base has resulted of our ability to tailor quality legal work to specific client’s needs. Our uncompromising dedication to quality and preciseness is best approved by the fact that most of cases we deal with have their successful finalization completely satisfying the customers’ expectations.

Striving to stay close to our clients’ needs, we established a truly modern law firm.

Our success is the result of the professionalism of our lawyers, the teamwork of the Bakalov & Partners members as well as of the personal attitude and uncompromising dedication to the problems of our clients.


“The mind is not only the knowledge but also the ability to apply it”